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We’re glad you’re looking to learn more about pursuing your engineering education at one of Ukraine top-ranked higher institutions. The university offers a wide range of academic options including degrees in 14 different disciplines of engineering and applied science for international students and also offers additional program options that you can select to match your particular interests.

Welcome to Poltava National Technical University, a pioneer scientific institute of modern Europe located in the modern East european city of Poltova of Ukraine.

Poltava national technical university was established in 1930 although the central building and one of its architectural monuments (built in Classic style) was built in the years 1828 as premises for the institute for Noble Girls. It was founded December 12, 1818 by the wife of the governor-general in Poltava and Chernihiv provinces.

The University is one of the oldest and most renowned universities of Poltava region. Local community map would be hardly complete without it and the university takes its place of pride amongst the top universities in Ukraine.

Years of hard work and a long record of credentials achieved by the university board headed by its rector Professor Volodymyr Onyshchenko is the reason for its recognition.

Poltava National Technical University is one of the most diverse and cosmopolitan universities in the Ukraine. It has students from approximately 137 countries in the world who account for around 25% of its student population. The School of Engineering is represented by many different nationalities and cultures who all work and study together at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. This is shown by the number of institutes who partner with the universities across the world, from China to Germany, the USA to Italy. Studying at Poltava National Technical University allows you to work with our academics who helps its students make personal links to benefit from after graduation.

The territory of the university is an exemplary modern campus with comfortable learning and social space.

The university has outstanding material and technical resources. In recent years, we have attracted endowments from leading international companies. Students have one-of-a-kind opportunities to engage in 3D modelling and robotics, do academic research and test their findings in the laboratories, go for internships with our partner companies, create startups and even launch their own businesses. Together with Sikorsky Challenge Innovative Holding, in 2018 we have opened the startup school, the only in Poltava region.

The majority of educational services is digitized; educational programs are constantly adapted to suit the professional competences of students intent to work with most advanced technologies.

The university is also actively engaged in community works and social projects. It became the centre for  Poltava branch of the Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and assisted for the National Centre of the Academy to be included under the aegis of UNESCO. Also, the university is a place for sports competitions of students on a country level and promotes a healthy way of living.

The school is equipped with computer classes, Internet-clubs, Canteen, café Sanatorium, 4 gyms centers, 65 educational and research laboratories with full-scale equipment, 32 computer labs, computerized library, 5 reading rooms.

Campuses and Buildings
The University consists of the following buildings:
Central studying building (architectural monument built in Classic style)
9 studying buildings.
Laboratory facilities and modules.
The school stadium and sports complex
5 hostels on campus for students and dispensaries.

You can get different degree programmes in the following faculties in the university:
Civil Engineering, Geo- and Environmental Sciences
Oil-gas and nature management
Information and telecommunication technologies and systems

Faculties and Specialities:

1) Faculty of Architecture

Architecture of Buildings
Design of Architectural Environment

2) Faculty of Construction

Industrial and Civil Construction
Agricultural Construction
Design and Construction of Objects of Oil and Gas Production Complex
Exploitation, Repair and Strengthening of Buildings and Constructions
Technology of Building Constructions, Wares and Materials
City Building and economy
Highways and Air Fields
Warm and Gas Supplying and Ventilation

3) Faculty of Management and Business

Accounting and Auditing
Economic Cybernetics
Management of Enterprise
Management of Innovative Activity

4) Faculty of Electric and Mechanics

Machine Construction Technology
Motor Vehicles and Motoring
Electromechanic Systems of Automation and Electric drive
Lifting-Transport, Building, Road, Melioration Machines and Equipment

5) Faculty of Finance and economics

Economy of Enterprise
Economic-legal Regulation of Enterprise Activity
International Economics

6) Faculty of Sanitary Engineering

Ecology and Environment Protection
Water-supply and Drainage System

7) Faculty of Oil and Gas

Production of Oil and Gas
Equipment of Oil and Gas Mines

8) Faculty of Information and Telecommunication Technologies and Systems
Computer Engineering

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