National University of Pharmacy kharkiv

National University of Pharmacy is a higher educational institution of the 4th  level of accreditation, a training, research and production complex.

Training of international students is carried out in the field of:

Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmacy, Technology of perfumery and cosmetics, Technology of pharmaceuticals, Laboratory diagnosis, Biotechnology, Industrial Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology.

The University consists of 8 faculties, Institute of Advanced Training of  Pharmacy Specialists, National Pharmaceutical College. The University has a highly qualified teaching staff: 650 teachers, 120 of them are doctors of science, 490  associate professors, 1 academy member of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 10 academy members and corresponding members of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 12 Honored Science and Technology Workers, 2 honored health workers, 1 Honored inventor of Ukraine, 4 Honored Workers of Pharmacy, 2 Distinguished Educators, 4 State Prize winners.

For outstanding contribution to the development of pharmaceutical science 33 university employees were awarded state awards of Ukraine.

The National University of Pharmacy has trained more than 40,000 pharmacists, cosmetologists, clinical pharmacists, engineers and 4000 Masters of Pharmacy from 80 countries of the world.

Degree awarded: Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmaD)

The Doctor of Pharmacy program prepares pharmacists to become part of today’s patient-centered health care team. As the entry level degree into the profession, students are provided a foundation of knowledge and skills necessary to enter a variety pharmacy practice settings as experts in the safe and effective use of medications.

Course Duration 5 years

PG Pharmacy: 2 years

The medium of instruction: English

Recognition: USMLE, PLAB, WHO, EU, MCI, PMDC, All African Medical Councils

The pharmacy course at National University of Pharmacy is 5 years duration. It is the study of preparation of medicine and dispensing them. The mode of teaching is more focused on lab training and clinical tests so that students can get the maximum understanding of their course. National University of Pharmacy also provides practical training to its students in various renowned laboratories and clinics. The course is designed meticulously so that after the completion of the degree, the student is well equipped to perform in various scenarios pertaining to prescriptions, drugs, medications, clinical practices and so on.

The college has a provision of internship in various foreign laboratories and clinics to provide its scholars the practical exposure in the field of pharmacy.


Department of Clinical Pharmacy
Department of Clinical Pharmacy strive to prepare students for contemporary pharmacy practice by developing communication, problem-solving, and life-long learning skills and the ability to apply knowledge learned in the pharmaceutical sciences to patient care.

Department of Perfumery and Cosmetics Technology
This department trains cosmetologists for Pharmacists to provide the information about the position of cosmetic products (cosmetics) in health care.  The graduates of this department can work at perfumery and cosmetics as well as pharmaceutical enterprises with different forms of ownership, research centres and laboratories in perfumery and cosmetic products standardization and certification, cosmetological clinics and beauty salons.

Department of Industrial Pharmacy  
This department trains it students to study all the unit operations involved in drug delivery manufacturing, the scaling up, processing and development of these drug delivery systems and dosage forms at the industrial level and encompassing quality assurance with its branches quality control and Good Manufacturing Practice in its context.

Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Science MSc (Hons).
This Program provides knowledge and skills about formulation, manufacture and evaluation of products in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and toiletries industry. Delivered
by a team of subject experts, the courses are designed in the first year to deliver subjects
such as chemistry, pharmacology, toxicology, microbiology and pharmacy which give the scientific background.

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