Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics

If you are an engineering student and currently you are exploring studying abroad, then Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics is among some of the best universities worth considering and further exploring.

Kharkiv is not only the first capital of Ukraine, but also the student capital city. There are more than 20 universities in the city of Kharkiv.

Not only is kharkov the student capital city, it is home to the largest population of Nigerian international students in the Ukraine and kharkov is also home to some of the best engineering schools around Ukraine.

National University of Radio Electronics (NURE) is one of the oldest technology universities in Ukraine with over 7,000 students and 30 scientific centres.

The university was founded in 1930 and has undergone a number of name changes before settling under its current name in 1993. It was advanced from state university status to National University in 2001.

The university focuses its research and teaching on electrical engineering, electronics, telecommunications, ICT and computer technologies.

National University of Radio Electronics (NURE) pioneered the development of distance education in Ukraine. It has a great expertise in the introduction of innovative technologies into education and business. The University aims to integrate into the international, particularly European, scientific and educational space.

The University has 8 faculties, 33 full-time departments, and The Center for Foreign Students, Institute for Advanced Studies and NURE IT Academy, International Academy of Applied Radio Electronics.

The University actively implements academic mobility programs, internships abroad for students, postgraduates, scientific and faculty staff.

On the campus, there are 10 university buildings and eight student hostels.

The scientific library contains more than 1.5 million paper copies. Six scientific journals are published at the university and a number of scientific conferences are held at the university.

The university also has a number of Skill Development Training Institutes that are open to international students to study earn diploma degrees in a number of different skills including Java Enterprises Apps with DevOps, Linux, Front-End basics, and Android programming, Machine learning with R, Artificial Intelligence, Power Business Intelligence (Power BI), Data Analytics, Python, software engineering, Digital Marketing, Web Development etc.

The career centre at the university forms links with offices and organisations where students can undertake internship work experience or training and look for employment after graduation.

Faculties in the university
Computer sciences
Computer engineering and control
Information and analytical technologies and management
Information radio technologies and technical information security
Automation and computer technologies
Electronic and biomedical engineering
Foreign citizens training (Ukrainian language course)

There are 33 departments within these faculties. The University provides a wide range of programs in technical specialties – from microelectronics and nanotechnology to artificial intelligence and media systems, from radio and biomedical engineering to computer science. We maintain the balance of research and education and encourage open thinking, we adhere to the principles of tolerance and multiculturalism.

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