Kharkiv National Medical University

Kharkiv National Medical University is the premier center for medical education in Ukraine, it is one of the oldest higher education institutions in Ukraine. Founded in 1805 as the medical faculty of Kharkiv University, it was later renamed Kharkiv Medical Institute and Kharkiv State Medical University and is currently Kharkiv National Medical University – KNMU.

For more than two centuries, the university has been cultivating top-class medical professionals to serve the global society. Kharkiv is the second-largest city in Ukraine. Besides an industrial hotspot, Kharkiv is the biggest educational hub in the country. More than 300,000 students live in Kharkiv. Among them are over 12,000 international students.

You will have the opportunity to join one of the best-rated medical schools in Ukraine. According to the rating agencies, Kharkiv National Medical University was ranked as the best public university in Ukraine chosen by foreign medical students, taking into account key criteria such as the world rankings, university structure, number of deans, residency programs, research activity, funding and admission rates.

Kharkiv National Medical University being one of the oldest medical institutions in Ukraine and is widely regarded for its impact, reputation and academic lineage as a leading university in Ukraine and throughout Europe.

Kharkiv National Medical University offers graduate and postgraduate programs in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and nursing. The degrees offered at the university are recognized throughout the world. For instance, international establishments like the World Health Organization (WHO), the European Federation of Physiological Societies, General Medical Council (UK) and Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN) recognize the degrees offered by Kharkiv National Medical University. Undergraduate programs offered at the university include the 6-year MBBS program, 5-year BDS program and B.Sc. Nursing. The programs offered at the university are taught in English as well as Russian. The practical training initiates from the 3rd year of the programs. Students get hands-on training at municipal hospitals in Kharkiv city.

The postgraduate programs at the university are offered in radiology, neurology, cardiology, psychiatry, obstetrics & gynecology, pediatrics, infectious diseases, dermatology & venereology, surgery, urology, orthopedics, ophthalmology, pathological anatomy, anesthesiology, child gynecology, pediatric infectious diseases, pediatric surgery, general hygiene, hygiene of children & teenagers, occupational hygiene, epidemiology, therapeutic dentistry, pediatric dentistry, surgical dentistry and orthopedic dentistry.

International students can optionally study medicine in English or Russian. Practical training starts from the second year and is organized in hospitals and government clinics in Kharkiv. Students examine patients, provide urgent assistance, fill in case history with their analysis and practice in X-ray rooms, clinical and biochemical laboratories. Since 1951, the university has started training doctors from various countries from Europe, Asia and Africa. Currently more than 4,600 foreign students are studying at KNMU (colleges of medicine / dentistry / pharmacy, specialization of course). Among the former university graduates, there are ministers and members of parliaments in various countries, prominent scholars and renowned specialists who have established their own clinics abroad.

Among the university academics there are more than 700 teachers, among them 102 doctors of science and professors, 387 candidates for medical sciences, 32 members from academies, and 17 supervising scientists.

Kharkiv National Medical University maintains academic and research collaborations with various international organizations and institutes working in the field of medicine. Some of its partner universities and institutes include the University of Medical Sciences (Poland), Bar Klun Medical University (Israel), Weifang Medical University (China), American Medical Research Foundation, Bath Spa University (Great Britain), International Organization of Brain Studies, Regional European Bureau of WHO (Switzerland), University of Cincinnati (US) and the Ukrainian-American Centre for Reproduction and Genetics. Further, students of the university get global exposure through participation in international seminars, conferences, and projects. Kharkiv National Medical University offers budget accommodation facilities for all its students.

Campuses and buildings
The University has a complex of modern buildings to provide the teaching process, and 6 hostels. All the students of the graduate and postgraduate stages of training are provided with hostels.

The University has 65 departments. The departments are equipped with modern classrooms and have all the opportunities for high-quality training of students.

The Departments, which provide the training for the 1st – 3rd year students, are located in 4 buildings of the University. The Departments, which provide teaching clinical subjects, are located at the Scientific-Practical Medical Centre of KhNMU, Ukrainian Research and Practical Medical Centre of Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Reproductology, Institute of Occupational Hygiene and Occupational Diseases of KhNMU, Ukrainian Institute of Clinical Genetics, University Dental Centre of KhNMU, 9 regional, 10 city and 5 departmental medical units. The Educational-Scientific Centre of the University is equipped with classrooms for phantom techniques of education.

Institutes and faculties
7 faculties;
Educational Research Institute for Postgraduate Training at Kharkiv National Medical University;
Medical college;
2 research institutes: Research Institute of Occupational Hygiene and Occupational Diseases, Ukrainian Institute of Clinical Genetics;
Central research laboratory;
4 research laboratories;
Medical training and research unit of Kharkiv National Medical University “University Dental Centre”;
Scientific-Practical Medical Centre of KhNMU

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