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Arrive to Boryspil State International Airport.

Boryspil State International Airport (Аеропорт Бориспiль) is where almost all international flights land and depart. The smaller Kyiv Zhulyani Airport (Аеропорт Київ Жуляни) is only 18km from centre and handles mostly domestic travel and Wizz Air flights from Europe.

When you arrive at an Ukrainian airport, you will first need to go through immigration and customs clearance. If you need help finding your way around, just ask the airline staff or one of the border officials in the arrivals area. A clearance officer will check your travel document and visa, and once cleared you will be able to collect your luggage to go through customs and quarantine clearance processes.

More information on what to expect when you arrive at the airport contact us.

If you are traveling to Ukraine for the first time, you are in for an experience. From the first moments of breaking through the clouds, you will notice a land of nature and beauty. Kiev is a very green country. The abundance of rainfall and annual snow makes Kiev a wonder of forests, lakes, rivers and pristine landscapes.
Boryspil International Airport is the main hub for The Ukraine. It services not only all international flights, but also domestic flights. Boryspil has a very large accessible runway for any type of aircraft. During the Soviet era, Boryspil International Airport was strictly a military airfield. Later after The Ukraine claimed independence, it was converted into a civilian airport hub.

Once you leave passport control, you will immediately see baggage claim. Boryspil is like all airports it has digital readouts of incoming flights and matches them with a baggage claim area.

If you cannot find your baggage, there is a lost baggage office that will assist you in finding your luggage. Otherwise please directly contact us.

Airport Pick Up Guide.

L-BRIGHTERPATH INTERNATIONAL” offers Airport transfer service from Kiev airports as well as airport transfer from other cities in Ukraine (transfer Ukraine).

At “L-BRIGHTERPATH INTERNATIONAL” we aim to ensure that your journey from the airport is as smooth and stress-free as possible. In order to achieve this we continuously monitor live flight arrivals at your chosen airport. So even if the flight is delayed by 5 hours, no overcharge! Your driver will enter the airport 15 minutes after your plane has landed unless otherwise discussed at the time of booking. If you have hand luggage only, driver will be there at your arrival time. The driver will be waiting for you at the meeting hall of Kiev airport Borispol (Zhulyany airport or other) holding a board showing your name on it. If for any reason you do not see your driver then please feel free to call us and we will be happy to call the driver and then call you back to ensure that contact is made. Professional drivers who know the city very well will take you anywhere in chosen city distnation.

Seeking help.

Remember, if you have any problems or questions once you leave the airport, call our support staff. These details will be given to you before your departure from Nigeria.

While booking your transfer in Ukraine please provide us with the following information in advanced time (at least one week in advance):

  • Arrival date and time

  • City of arrival

  • Flight name and number

  • Phone number (optional)

* All your contacts are needed only to be used in case of delays or any other changes, earlier landing time, cancelation etc.

* If you arrive in less than 6 hours make a phone call or send SMS to arrange your Pick Up to the airport (urgent Airport transfer service extra costs).

“L-BRIGHTERPATH INTERNATIONAL” offers a wide range of meeting and pickup for the Airport transfer. If you travel to Ukraine, visit Kiev or other city in Ukraine we will meet you by the chosen car and comfort level. This is much better than to pick up a random service upon arrival on Kiev visit with low prices and excellent service.

We will arrange your Airport transfer in Ukraine to other airports if the need be. Transfer in Ukraine airports with “L-BRIGHTERPATH INTERNATIONAL” is stress free and will help you move on very comfortable.

We make your trip from the airport to the hostel or apartment as smooth as your air travel to Ukraine.

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