Accomodation in Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the most favorite countries for tourism and foreigners use to visit Ukraine regularly. Our Organization “Study in Ukraine” is happy to suggest you a service of apartment rental in Kyiv, Odessa, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv. With us you will feel like at home.

Students can choose from among the following types of accommodations in Ukraine:

The University Campus – Hostel

The most popular and economic way of living is in the university hostel.

Private Apartment

This is the best option for those who want to be completely autonomous and free to host friends and family. All apartments are furnished and equipped with kitchen utensils.

Student Apartment

This option allows students to share an apartment with other students (foreign and Ukrainian). Apartments are well equipped and furnished.


Living with an Italian family is a good way to practice the language and experience the Ukrainian way of life. All families are used to hosting foreign students and willing to share with you their daily routines and traditions.

Other Solutions

It is also possible to reserve accommodations in pensions, hotels, residence or religious institutions.

Housing Arrivals Service

Worried about arrival at your housing option? Would you like someone to accompany you to the apartment, family or hotel? provides a Housing Arrivals Service for students who request it at the time of Enrollment.
For more information about accommodations, please contact us.

The University Hostel (365 days, including utilities – gas electricity, water) – 1Year – 12 months

Accommodation – (In Kiev) 850 – 1450 ($ – USD)
Accommodation – (Other cities) 650$ – 850 ($ – USD)

Private Apartments (4 weeks, not including utilities – gas electricity, water) 1 Month

Accommodation – (In Kiev) 650 – 2550 ($ – USD)

Student Apartment (4 weeks, not including utilities – gas electricity, water) 1 Month

Single room – (Other cities) 150 – 350 ($ – USD)
Double room 250 – 450 ($ – USD)

Family (4 weeks, utilities included) 1 Month

Single room with breakfast 150 – 630 ($ – USD)
Double room with breakfast (per person) 400 – 500 ($ – USD)
Single room with breakfast and dinner 610 – 920 ($ – USD)
Double room with breakfast and dinner (per person) 710 – 800 ($ – USD)

Hotel or Pension (per day)

Single room 60 – 300 ($ – USD)
Double room (two people) 105 – 400 ($ – USD)

* Students that wish to arrange their own housing may do so.  Please note, however, that will not be responsible for any independently arranged housing. This includes check in and check out and any issues that may arise.


Here is some important information:
The National currency of Ukraine is Hryvnia (UHR).
1 USD = 7.94 Hryvnia (15/02/2012).

You can easily change foreign currency in banks or kiosks available at the international airport. The currency rate at the airport is the same as in other places. Any sort of payment for purchasing anything or services is done in Hryvnias. Though, some companies may accept payments in US dollars.

You can avail the credit card facility too. They can be utilized in most of the shops, hotels, transport companies, clubs and restaurants. In cities the network of exchange machines is well developed including the most popular banks.

Here you can save money both in foreign currency and Ukrainian Hryvnia. You will find Banks in every region of the country. Therefore you can easily use Western Union or any other preferred money transfer system.

Transport Facilities

The international airport of Borispol is just 36KM from Kiev. It is the air gate of the country. You will have to avail a taxi, bus or any shuttle service to reach Kiev. You can also order our pick up service.
Besides Borispol airport you can take international flights from Odessa, Simferopol, Donetsk and Dnepropetrovsk. There are also international railway connections with UK, Bulgaria, Slovak, Check, Germany and Poland. International bus routes are available from Great Britain, France, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. By ship you can also get here from Turkey.

Ukraine has a very well developed transportation system. You will have no problem to travel to any part of the country. You can move all over the country by bus or train.

 The fare for a distance of 500 km will be about US$12-15.
You can buy advance train tickets at the railway station or from the city counters. On the day of travel a ticket can be availed only from the station.

For air travel within the country you can purchase tickets from the local counters.

 Flight cost for a distance of 500 km will be about US$250.

For local transport you will get buses, trolleybuses, trams and taxis. You will have to buy tickets from the conductor or at yellow kiosks at stops.

 The fare will be about US$0.15 for bus and trams. The fare for taxis is $US2 + US$0.40 per 1 km.
In Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk you can avail the underground transit system. You will have to buy tickets at the entrance. The ticket costs US$0.12 (without time and destination limits!).

During summer you may enjoy water transport, which will be quite comfortable: on the Dnieper river or by the Black sea.


The standard electrical voltage throughout Ukraine is 220 volts.
Some outlets operate on 127 volts, but these are very rare. If you are bringing electrical appliances along with you, then you will need a converter and an European plug adapter. You should be aware that there are frequent power fluctuations, and other irregularities in the electrical supply. Therefore it will be better if you carry a surge protector (stabilizer).


Ukraine is basically a developed agricultural country. It has diverse cooking traditions. Different types of food can be bought from shops, supermarkets and agricultural markets. There are lots of Cafeterias, restaurants and fast food restaurants offering different cuisine.


UKRTELECOM, which sponsors the Guide, provides an excellent telephone communications both in Ukraine and all over the world.
Most of the universities of Ukraine provide Internet access for their students. There are also a lot of cyber-cafes all over the country.
You can also opt for fast mail services, offered UPS, DHL, Federal Express, TNT and other companies.

Medical Services

Most of the state Universities provides free medical service for their students at specialized hospitals. Students may also prefer to be treated at state or private hospitals, where medical services are to be paid.

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