University life style can be a major adjustment especially when you are in another country. Adjusting to an entirely new culture, learning a new language, and getting to feel for the new area can always be difficult. Luckily, there are a multitude of apps that can make life easier for international students. We’ve put together especially for you guys a special list containing the most crucial mobile apps every international student should have installed on their phone in order to have a fruitful study abroad experience. Ready to find out?

Google Translate

Goes without saying, right? You do need a translation software if you are going to study abroad. Especially if the country you are going is not an English-speaking country and especially if you don’t speak the local language. This is definitely the No.1 mobile app that should be on your phone with the ultimate purpose of surviving your day to day study abroad adventure.

Everyone loves cheap stuff, right? Especially international students who need to travel a lot to get home and back in their study country, obviously because they are on a budget. That’s great, because is the greatest app on the market to find cheap flights all around the world! What’s awesome about the app is that it not only shows you direct flights, but if you want the best price it finds flights with layovers which will always be cheaper!



Google Maps

Want to know exactly where your 10AM lecture is held? Then you are going to need Google Maps (at least until you get accustomed with your new surroundings). It really helps with regards to localising campus buildings, as well as other landmarks of interest – shops, touristic attractions or entertainment places.





WhatsApp is easily one of the most popular apps in this bunch and it’s easy to see why you can video call and text all of your friends — and it’s available on almost any smartphone platform. Wifi-based facilitation means connecting with your fellow international students without worrying about international phone plans. So you may have to ask your friends and family back home to download this app specifically to talk to you.



Currency Converter

If you’re like most study students studying abroad, you’ll be visiting a few different countries during your experience, which means that you’ll probably be doing some currency exchanging. Most currency converter apps have up-to-date rates when connected to wifi but still works when not. Forget about trying to convert 10,000 Ukrainian hryvniain in your head and just plug it into the converter. It can also calculate the rate with any fees you might get from your bank.

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