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Regions of Ukraine


  1. Autonomous Republic of Crimea
  2. Cherkasy Region
  3. Chernihiv Region
  4. Chernivtski Region
  5. Dnipropetrovs’k Region
  6. Donets’k Region
  7. Ivano-Frankivs’k Region
  8. Kharkiv Region
  9. Kherson Region
  10. Khmelnytsky Region
  11. Kirovograd Region
  12. Kyiv Region
  13. Luhans’k Region
  14. Lviv Region
  15. Mykolayiv Region
  16. Odesa Region
  17. Poltava Region
  18. Rivne Region
  19. Sumy Region
  20. Ternopil Region
  21. The City of Kyiv
  22. Vinnytsya Region
  23. Volyn region
  24. Zaporizhzhya Region
  25. Zakarpattya Region
  26. Zhytomyr Region

Ukraine thought it had decided to allow daylight saving time to continue all year long, which effectively meant that it would change from time zone UTC+2 with DST to zone UTC+3 without it. However, on second thought, it revoked the decision (autumn 2011). FIPS PUB 10-4 is the U.S. Federal standard for administrative divisions of countries. Change 1 to FIPS PUB 10-4 is dated December 1, 1998. One of the changes is to the status of one of the divisions of Ukraine. Crimea has been changed from a respublika (republic) to an avtonomna respublika (autonomous republic). Since ISO still lists Crimea as a republic, this change should be considered tentative.

Country overview:

Short name: UKRAINE Language: Ukrainian (uk) Time zone: +2~ Capital: Kiev At the beginning of the 20th century, the bulk of modern Ukraine was in the Russian Empire; the rest was in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In the chaos of World War I and the Russian Revolution, the Russian part of Ukraine declared itself an independent republic. In 1922, it joined the U.S.S.R. as one of its constituent republics. In World War II, the Soviet Union made significant territorial gains, some of which were annexed to the Ukrainian S.S.R. Ukraine became independent once again in 1991 when the Soviet Union dissolved.

Other names of country:

Danish: Ukraine Dutch: Oekraine, Oekraïne Finnish: Ukraina French: Ukraine German:Ukraine Icelandic: Úkraína Italian: Ucraina Norwegian: Ukraina Portuguese: Ucránia, Ucrânia (Brazil) Russian: Украина Spanish: Ucrania Swedish: Ukraina Turkish: UkraynaUkrainian: Ukrayina (formal)

Origin of name:

Russian u: near, krai: border, named when the Mongol invasion had reached that area

Administrative Regions of Ukraine…

Primary subdivisions:

Ukraine is divided into 24 oblastey (sing. oblast’: region), two mista (sing. misto: independent city), and one avtonomna respublika (autonomous republic).

Region Typ HASC ISO FIPS Post Population Area(km.²) Area(mi.²) Alternate name Capital
Cherkasy o UA.CK 71 UP01 18-20 1,402,969 20,034 7,735 Cherkas’ka Oblast’ Cherkasy
Chernihiv o UA.CH 74 UP02 14-17 1,245,260 31,865 12,303 Chernihivs’ka Oblast’ Chernihiv
Chernivtsi o UA.CV 77 UP03 58-60 922,817 7,359 2,841 Chernivets’ka Oblast’ Chernivtsi
Crimea a UA.KR 43 UP11 95-98 2,033,736 26,081 10,070 Autonomous Republic of Krym Simferopol’
Dnipropetrovs’k o UA.DP 12 UP04 49-53 3,567,567 31,974 12,345 Dnipropetrovs’ka Oblast’ Dnipropetrovs’k
Donets’k o UA.DT 14 UP05 83-87 4,841,074 26,517 10,238 Donets’ka Oblast’ Donets’k
Ivano-Frankivs’k o UA.IF 26 UP06 76-78 1,409,760 13,928 5,378 Ivano-Frankivs’ka Oblast’ Ivano-Frankivs’k
Kharkiv o UA.KK 63 UP07 61-64 2,914,212 31,415 12,129 Kharkivs’ka Oblast’ Kharkiv
Kherson o UA.KS 65 UP08 73-75 1,175,122 28,461 10,989 Khersons’ka Oblast’ Kherson
Khmel’nyts’kyy o UA.KM 68 UP09 29-32 1,430,775 20,645 7,971 Khmel’nyts’ka Oblast’ Khmel’nyts’kyy
Kiev o UA.KV 32 UP13 07-09 1,827,894 28,131 10,861 Kyïvs’ka Oblast’ Kiev
Kiev City i UA.KC 30 UP12 01-06 2,611,327 839 324 Kyïvs’ka mis’ka rada Kiev
Kirovohrad o UA.KH 35 UP10 26-28 1,133,052 24,588 9,493 Kirovohrads’ka Oblast’ Kirovohrad
Luhans’k o UA.LH 09 UP14 91-94 2,546,178 26,684 10,303 Luhans’ka Oblast’ Luhans’k
L’viv o UA.LV 46 UP15 79-82 2,626,543 21,831 8,429 L’vivs’ka Oblast’ L’viv
Mykolayiv o UA.MY 48 UP16 54-57 1,264,743 24,598 9,497 Mykolaïvs’ka Oblast’ Mykolayiv
Odessa o UA.OD 51 UP17 65-68 2,469,057 33,310 12,861 Odes’ka Oblast’ Odessa
Poltava o UA.PL 53 UP18 36-39 1,630,092 28,748 11,100 Poltavs’ka Oblast’ Poltava
Rivne o UA.RV 56 UP19 33-35 1,173,304 20,047 7,740 Rivnens’ka Oblast’ Rivne
Sevastopol’ City i UA.SC 40 UP20 99 379,492 864 334 Sevastopol’s’ka mis’ka rada Sevastopol’
Sumy o UA.SM 59 UP21 40-42 1,299,746 23,834 9,202 Sums’ka Oblast’ Sumy
Ternopil’ o UA.TP 61 UP22 46-48 1,142,416 13,823 5,337 Ternopil’s’ka Oblast’ Ternopil’
Transcarpathia o UA.ZK 21 UP25 88-90 1,258,264 12,777 4,933 Zakarpats’ka Oblast’ Uzhhorod
Vinnytsya o UA.VI 05 UP23 21-24 1,772,371 26,513 10,237 Vinnyts’ka Oblast’ Vinnytsya
Volyn o UA.VO 07 UP24 44-45 1,060,694 20,144 7,778 Volyns’ka Oblast’ Luts’k
Zaporizhzhya o UA.ZP 23 UP26 69-72 1,929,171 27,180 10,494 Zaporiz’ka Oblast’ Zaporizhzhya
Zhytomyr o UA.ZT 18 UP27 10-13 1,389,466 29,832 11,518 Zhytomyrs’ka Oblast’ Zhytomyr
27 divisions 48,457,102 602,022 232,442

Postal codes:

Ukraine used to use six-digit postal codes under the Soviet system, all of which fell in the range 24xxxx-34xxxx. Since then it has adopted a set of five-digit postal codes, in which the first two digits determine the region, and the first three digits determine the district.

Territorial extent:

Crimea includes Kosa Tuzla, an island in the Strait of Kerch. Kherson includes the barrier islands of Tendrivs’ka Kosa and Dzharylhach; the northern end of the long promontory Kosa Arabats’ka Strilka; and some islands in “Lake” Syvash, the bay enclosed by that promontory, such as Chut’uk Island.

Origins of names:

Crimea: Greek kremnoi: escarpments Dnepropetrovs’k: Dniepr (River) + (Grigoriy Ivanovich) Petrovskiy, Soviet politician Kharkiv: possibly from Tatar karak: bandit, the city of banditsKhmel’nyts’kyy: probably after Bogdan Khmel’nyts’kyy (1593-1657), Ukrainian warlordKirovohrad: after Sergei Mironovich Kirov (1886-1934), Russian politician Transcarpathia:Latin trans: beyond + Carpathian (Mountains), as seen from Kiev

Other names of subdivisions:

During the Soviet era, the Russian names were considered standard. Now, the Ukrainian language is official. Both languages are written in the Cyrillic alphabet, but they use certain individual letters that are different. Their transliterations into the Roman alphabet are also different. To compound the confusion, in Ukrainian or Russian, the name is usually given in adjective form, followed by the generic (usually Oblast’). For example, Chernihiv would be Chernigovskaya Oblast’ in Russian, Chernihivs’ka Oblast’ in Ukrainian; its capital is Chernigov or Chernihiv, respectively. Kyyiv is now the preferred English name for the capital, but the Russian-based spelling, Kiev, is still well established. Cherkasy: Cherkas’ka Oblast’ (Ukrainian); Черкасская область, Черкассы (Russian) Chernihiv: Tschernigow (German); Черниговская область (Russian) Chernivtsi: Chernivets’ka Oblast’ (Ukrainian); Czernowitz, Tschernowzy (German); Tchernovtsy (French); Черновцы, Черновицкая область (Russian)Crimea: Crimée (French); Criméia (Portuguese); Krim (German); Respublika Krym (Ukrainian); Крымская Республика, Крым (Russian) Dnipropetrovs’k: Dniepropietrovsk (variant); Dnjepropetrowsk (German); Днепропетровская область (Russian) Donets’k: Donezk (German, Italian); Stalino (obsolete); Донецкая область (Russian) Ivano-Frankivs’k:Stanislav (obsolete); Ивано-Франковск, Ивано-Франковская область (Russian) Kharkiv:Charkow (German); Harkova (Finnish); Jarkov (Spanish); Karkov (Italian); Kharkov (variant); Харьковская область (Russian) Kherson: Cherson (German); Khersons’ka Oblast’ (Ukrainian); Херсонская область (Russian) Khmel’nyts’kyy: Chmelnizkij (German); Hmelnicki (variant); Kamenets-Podol’skaya Oblast’ (obsolete); Khmel’nyts’ka Oblast’, Khmel’nyts’kyi (Ukrainian); Хмельницкая область (Russian) Kiev: Kiew, Kijew (German); Kiiv, Kijev, Kiyev, Kyiv, Kyjiv, Kyyiv (variant); Kiova (Finnish); Kyyivs’ka Oblast’ (Ukrainian); Киевская область (Russian) Kiev City: Kyïvs’ka mis’ka rada, Misto Kyyiv (Ukrainian); Киев (Russian) Kirovohrad: ; Кировоградская область (Russian) L’viv: Lemberg (obsolete); Llvov (Spanish); Lwow (German); L’vivs’ka Oblast’ (Ukrainian); Львовская область (Russian)Luhans’k: Luhans’ka Oblast’ (Ukrainian); Voroshilovgrad (obsolete); Луганская область (Russian) Mykolayiv: Mykolaiv (variant); Nikolajew (German); Николаевская область (Russian) Odessa: Odesa, Odes’ka Oblast’ (Ukrainian); Одесса, Одесская область (Russian) Poltava: Полтава, Полтавская область (Russian) Rivne: Rivnens’ka Oblast’ (Ukrainian); Ровенская область, Ровно (Russian) Sevastopol’ City: Misto Sevastopol’, Sevastopol’s’ka mis’ka rada (Ukrainian); Sebastopol (variant); Sebastopoli (Italian); Sewastopol (German); Севастополь (Russian) Sumy: Сумы, Сумская область (Russian) Ternopil’: ; Тернопольская область (Russian) Transcarpathia: Ruthenia (obsolete); Zakarpats’ka Oblast’, Zakarpattia (Ukrainian); Закарпатская область (Russian) Vinnytsya: Vinnytsia, Vinnyts’ka Oblast’ (Ukrainian); Winniza (German); Винница, Винницкая область (Russian)Volyn: Volhynia (variant); Volyns’ka Oblast’ (Ukrainian); Wolynien (German); Волынская область (Russian) Zaporizhzhya: Saporoshje (German); Zaporizhia, Zaporiz’ka Oblast’ (Ukrainian); Zaporojie (French); Zaporožje (variant); Запорожская область, Запорожье (Russian) Zhytomyr: Jitomir (French); Shitomir (German); Житомирская область (Russian)