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Location of Ukraine

Ukraine’s Geographical Location…

The country of Ukraine is situated in the European continent. It has the latitude of 51°36’N and longitude of 00°05’W. Belarus, Georgia, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Romania, Transnistria, Slovakia and Turkey are the countries that surround Ukraine.

Ukraine is found in the eastern side of Europe. The southern part of the country is bordered by the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea. Ukraine is a highly developed country in terms of cultural, industrial and scientific aspects. The country is comprised of around 46.5 million individuals. In terms of territory, it ranks first among the countries in Europe. It used to be a member of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). Ukraine proclaimed its independence in 1991. The country is currently a candidate for becoming a part of the European Union Nations. Among the countries that formerly comprised the Soviet Union, Ukraine is considered as among the greatest in terms of peace and political stability. The international community recognises that the Ukrainians have a high quality of living. Ukrainians are popularly perceived as very hospitable. Ukrainians are consistently happy to greet and welcome visitors, regardless of their nationalities. The foreigners visiting Ukraine will certainly feel at home within the magnificent country.

Means of Reaching Ukraine

You can enter Ukraine via its international airport, which is situated in Borispol. Aside from the airport in Borispol, you can also reach the country via international flight to Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Khakiv, Odessa or Simferopol. Ukraine has international railway connections with Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Czech Republic and Bulgaria. It may be reached through international bus routes that originate from the Netherlands, Poland, Great Britain, Germany, France and Belgium. You can arrive in the country via sea travel from Turkey. Ukraine has attained a highly developed and very efficient transportation system.  Locals and foreigners can conveniently travel to the various parts of Ukraine without encountering any major issue. You can decide to move around via a plane, bus or train. You can purchase train tickets in advance from the railway station or from the city. Buses, trams, and trolleybuses are some of the available means of domestic transportation.

Fundamental Information about Ukraine

Kiev is Ukraine’s capital city. Ukrainian, Russian, and English are the primary languages spoken within the country. As mentioned earlier, the country is made up of around 46,500,000 people. The Ukrainian territory has an area of 603,550 square kilometers. Ukraine is currently bordered by Russia, Slovakia, Romania, Poland, Moldova and Belarus.

Ukraine’s Currency

Hryvnia (UHR) is the national currency of Ukraine. In January 2010, an American dollar was equivalent to 8 Hryvnias. It is possible for you to exchange foreign money in an international airport, within a bank or through a money exchange centre. The airports apply the same currency rate as other possible venues for exchanging money. Most Ukrainian commercial transactions are performed using Hryvnias. However, there are some commercial establishments that accept payments in Euro or United States Dollar.

Monetary Transactions in Ukraine

You may apply your credit card(s) when handling commercial transactions that permit international payment systems. You can use a credit card when paying for anything within a restaurant, hotel, club, mall or shopping centre. It is also possible to pay for your travels through a credit card. In urban centres, the system of exchange machines has been excellently established, and it has encompassed the country’s major banks. It is possible for you to deposit of money in a Ukrainian bank regardless if your money is in Ukrainian Hryvnia or another currency. The entire country has an abundance of banks. The wide availability of monetary institutions permits you to conveniently transfer your money via Western Union or other reliable means.

Location of Ukraine Climate

The country’s climate location is characterized as temperate continental. Ukraine has relatively hot summers and cool winters. A humid subtropical climate is only present within the country’s southern Crimean coast. The humid air originating from Atlantic Ocean strongly affects the country’s climatic condition. Ukraine has disproportionate rainfall distribution. The northern and western parts of the country experience much more precipitation than the southeastern and eastern parts. February is typically the driest month of the year while the period from June to July is the wettest. The areas situated near the Black Sea experience cool winters while the people residing in the innermost areas encounter cold winters. Summers are usually very hot in Southern Ukraine.